since hayes’ video got deleted, and not everyone got to see it, i decided to upload it on here :) special shoutout to my gals janie and shelby!!!

Tysm I was looking for it





p>Nash and Cameron threesome,lots of slash please. SO THIS HAS BOY ON BOY IN THIS,NO THEY WON’T YOU KNOW BUT THEY WILL KISS AND WHAT NOT SO YEAH I was in my room that Nash and I shared.Changing but also being distracted by my phone and the t.v.So I was currently in my thong,completely naked…

What the fuck is wrong with you child


she walked in, she was so beautiful. she smiled and laughed, but i could see that her eyes were empty, and sorrowed. she walked up to me, “goodbye, i won’t be seeing you for awhile.” she sighed and walked away. i watched her leave, she turned back at me and smiled. but her smile was sad. she left, but then i saw her go towards the bathroom door, not the front door. i finally realized what she had meant. “NO!” i screamed and ran to the bathroom, but it was too late. she was gone. the tears rushed down my face, now i could only blame myself. she was gone, forever.